Friday, December 19, 2014

Make 2015 The Best Year Ever With The Ashley Silver Program

by Tailbase

The New Ashley Silver Program

Your customers will be very impressed with this new generation offer that is designed to disrupt your marketplace and announce to all that a very serious online presence is in town!

It works with Ashley Express Program.

Included Features:
- Shopping cart
- Responsive Design (for mobile)
- Dedicated Branded Ashley Landing Page
- On-site search
- Free access to Tailbase image banks
- Time stamp on the pricing of the product catalog
- Organic SEO - Strategic SN initiative
- And much more...

*MAKPACK included ($750 value)
+$500 upgrade credit that can be used to move up to a higher level solution at a later time

See it by yourself. Try the solution:

 Website Demo - Ashley Silver Program
Website Demo - Ashley Silver Program

Strategic Social Network Initiative 
Included Services:
• Content Creation and Content management (including blog page set up)
• 2 posts per week on the retailers Blog, Facebook and Google business ( Ashley content only), 1 post per week on Instagram and Pinterest
• Image creation for post and email marketing
• Customer service
• Monthly reporting
• Setup and management of the dedicated Ashley branded landing pages on the retailers web site (including the creation of the promo banners and supporting text).

Contact us today for more information!
1-866-964-6152 ext.112

Monday, November 24, 2014

Are Reviews Important?

by Robert Lapointe - CEO at Tailbase

If you are asking yourself whether reviews are important to your business, the answer is without doubt a resounding YES!

Since I travel a great deal,  websites like "Trip Advisor" and others have had a significant impact on which hotel I select for a business trip or holidays. The same is true when I want to purchase something. I cannot tell you how much reading a  negative review has caused me to select a different product.

When it comes to retail, consumers appreciate validating their potential purchase by reading what others have said about the product. That even includes getting the assurances ( what I call the warm and fuzzies) about the retailer from which they are contemplating making that important purchase.

In a recent survey, an overwhelming 90% of respondents recalled that reading positive online reviews influenced their buying decisions, while 86% said that their buying decisions were influenced by negative reviews. Retailers now have the power to create a form to attract positive reviews online while addressing any negative ones that may surface. Retailers should focus their energy on taking control of their online reviews.  

 As a retailer, when selecting a platform for your web site, make sure you facilitate the process for your customers to make reviews,  and that you do not limit the review section the product itself. Allow for the purchase experience to be reviewed, the delivery, the install ( if selected) so you can get an accurate measurement of your ranking.
It is quite obvious that Google is beginning to put more importance on the use of reviews. It is all about trying to narrow that gap between the social web and ecommerce, where sales themselves are becoming more and more social.

External reviews: They are important, and many small companies encourage their customers to hop onto sites like Yelp or Reseller Ratings for their opinion on the service/product. This is a good idea for small businesses, as customers are more likely to comment when they have positive experiences, unlike many large corporations that find themselves with reviews only when the customer is unhappy.

Fake reviews: Some people reading this are already tempted to begin what many companies do, which is purchase fake reviews. This is a mistake, since Google is working overtime to quell this phenomenon, as are the third party sites that reviews are hosted on.

What do you see when you put your company's name into Google? What you see is what your customer sees. You should address this and see whether or not you have a positive or negative impact on your customers. Reviews are a big deal on Google now, and user experience data is crucial for the average ecommerce site. There is a right way and a wrong way to use this tool, and you should prevent making a misstep. Luckily, the ranking benefits far outweigh the risks.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Think About Shopping Campaigns...

If you are doing online marketing for your business/website you  have probably heard about Google Shopping or Shopping Campaigns.
Shopping campaigns are very effective in a search environment. They are enticing to the consumer and their conversion rate is higher than a regular search ad.

The success of your campaign will, among other things, depend on your offer: An attractive offer will drive customers to your store.

What is the difference between shopping campaigns and search campaigns?

-          The main difference is: you have an image that will feature your product.

What are the requirements to launch a shopping campaign?

-         The main requirement is: You need shopping cart to sell online and a merchant center profile to upload your product information.
-          Your products must be priced: You need to provide a sale price and a regular price.
-          Finally the products you are featuring in your Shopping Campaign need to be on your website catalog.

Interested in making a Google Shopping campaign? Let us help!
Our dedicated online marketing team can assist you with this. Don’t wait until the last minute!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

On Your Mark, Ready...GO!

by Natalia Mendoza at Tailbase

Most retailers are getting ready for the holiday season that will be launched on Thanksgiving. The question is: Are YOU ready?

If you are a large retailer, you are coordinating your efforts to have a successful event before Thanksgiving, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you are a small retailer, maybe you are still thinking about the best methods to promote your sales and advertise your store.

Traditional advertising says that it is too late to plan for your Thanksgiving, Black Friday and/or Cyber-Monday sale and it is expensive.

Online advertising says: it is possible.

60% of users search online before purchasing offline or online: this is a good opportunity to tell potential customers that you are in their marketplace.

Hot trends


The Biggest Days For Shopping

If you are planning to have a holiday sale and you have not yet started, you can still promote your products, services, events and sales by following these steps:
How To Promote Your Brand Online

Remember: Online is flexible and measurable. You need to be where your customers are!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tailbase News: Press Release

by Natalia Mendoza at Tailbase

Tailbase News For Immediate Releases

We are pleased to announce that Ron Squires and Ray Isser are joining the Tailbase team. Ron is based in Canada and Ray is based in the United States.

They bring their broad experience in web retail and retail furniture to our company. They fit the Tailbase culture and we are very excited to see them in action.

For any questions, they can be reached at:

Ron Squires:
Ray Isser:

Friday, September 26, 2014

Are You Expecting A Great Holiday Season? You Need To Plan It If You Want To Live It!

by Robert Lapointe - CEO at Tailbase

As we approach the last quarter of the year, retailers need to make sure they have mapped out their strategy to get the best possible results and grow their business.

BUILD MOMENTUM! Consumers are more discerning than ever as their disposable income is directed more to what they need over what they would like. Armed with this information, plan your product offerings with that mind. Remember it's all about having the compelling offers that meet the needs of today's consumer.

Your offer needs a save story. Who among us wants to pay full price for anything? Your consumers are no different then you are.

Start with Columbus Day or Canadian Thanksgiving.
These type of banners are good but need to be accompanied with offers that include enough incentives to get that customer into your store or to purchase that product online.

The advantage of specific offers is that they are more measurable than other types of advertising. So with so much business being done in such a short period, planning your offers is extremely important especially in your digital marketing strategy.

 So make sure that your Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday season sales include the offers your customers will be motivated by.
While you are at it, consider a year end sale as well as a new year sale. Remember, keep the momentum! The objective is to get those purchasers into your stores where you have a much better opportunity to increase the ASP and increase your profits, but all that hinges on your business, being the purchase destination.

Think about that ad. Ask yourself what would make you, as a consumer, go to your store to buy? We are confident that if those potential customers are in your store, you can sell to them.

Of course, all these efforts will be limited unless you make use of the most rewarding way of communicating these offers to customers in your market seeking the products you are selling. Yes, I am talking about targeted local ad word campaign(s).

More and more retailers are redirecting their ad dollars towards digital. Some have even abandoned all other medias and concentrate only on digital. Is that the answer for you? Maybe not, but digital is a key to reaching today's consumers who are not listening to local radio or watching cable TV or reading newspapers. They are getting their news from digital devices, watching internet TV and listening to other radio sources in addition to their personal music stored on their devices.

So consumers have not stopped buying, they are just buying differently.

There is a lot more to cover on this very important topic, so just reach out to us and we will share how digital marketing can work for you.

Friday, September 19, 2014

If Your Web Site Is More Than 1 Year Old Then You Need To Read This

 by Robert Lapointe-CEO at Tailbase

What your site must do today to attract consumers is MUCH more than it was able to do just a short while ago!


  • Your site provides the best user experience no matter what device the visitor is using; Smart phone, tablets, laptop or desktop. That is what you can get today with a top shelf responsive design web site for mobile devices.
  • Your site needs to be more promotional with compelling offers that will distinguish your business from all the noise out there. It needs to be relevant for today's online shopper!
  • Consumers expect you to have (or quickly have) the items that are on your site and to identify those that you carry as well as those exclusive to the web!
  • Your site must have the latest in on-site search capabilities with auto-suggest features to make finding the product they are looking for quick and easy.

  • Your site should have clean professional ad banners with clear information, not simply lifestyle images.
  • Make recommendations and not just stating information.
  • Make sure your promotions are current and not expired!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Show all your promotion with Clearance Center Feature

by Evangeline Balezou at Tailbase

Clearance Center is one of our best features to display all your products and especially your special deals!

Tailbase Feature: Clearance Center
Tailbase Feature: Clearance Center

What is this feature about?

A section on your website that permits the displaying of products that have been moved to clearance. It has the same type of navigation as the one on the regular catalog, but allows for viewing by store if the retailer has multiple stores.

Why should you get this option?

  • Maximize your selling offers by promoting your products on liquidation
  • Attract more users looking for special deals and optimize their time spent on your site  
  • Get more opportunities to clear your end-of year products and turn your users into loyal customers 

Get this feature for your website today!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tailbase will be at Midwest Furniture Show on September 10th!

Sev Ritchie, Tailbase VP of sales will be attending the Midwest Furniture Show on September 10th and 11th, 2014 in Schaumburg Illinois. 

Come learn about our new features, solutions and enhancements!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tailbase Attending United Stored Expo on September 9th!

Tailbase participation in the United Stored Expo in California
Tailbase attending United Stored Expo
Tailbase will be showcasing their latest web solutions for retailers at the upcoming United Stored Expo held at the Double Tree Hotel in Norwalk CA this September 9th. 

Attending retailers can expect to see the 'very latest' in web designs and functionalities on the firm latest web solutions!

So don't miss the Expo!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why should you get a website with Tailbase?

by Tailbase

The world is changing rapidly and you need to engage with your customers. Getting an online presence with a tailored website is a great option! At Tailbase, we propose web solutions to help your business grow.

 A website drives customers to your business; however, there are few steps to follow....

Now, we hope you understand why you should get a website with Tailbase!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Nashville TN August 11th and 12th 2014

by Tailbase

Tailbase recently participated in the Nationwide Marketing group dealer show held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center.

Tailbase picture of Nationwide Prime time in Nashville
Nashville Show, August 2014
During the show, Tailbase launched 4 brand new website solutions for retailers that break the price/feature barrier for included features and functionalities that were unavailable at the new price points until now. 
Some of these features are unique to Tailbase.

Tailbase at Nashville Nationwide Prime Time, August 2014
Tailbase Booth at Nashville Show

The reaction to our new solutions was simply fabulous. Not only did we gain a lot of new customers, many of our existing clients took the opportunity to upgrade the solutions they were currently on.

The company also introduced major improvements on their unique Tracktail offer. The new features are outstanding and make Tracktail the class act amongst peers.

Company President Bob Lapointe , says that the next 12-18 months are really going to be very exciting, as the firm plans to introduce many new products that will further distinguish us from our competitors.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Our New Tailbase Website is now live!

By Tailbase

We are proud to announce that our new website is online with a lot more features and services.

You can now access it through any mobile device, as it is responsive design.

Stay tuned for updates, learn more about our company and our services.

Check it out today!

Tailbase website new
Tailbase Website

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dynamic v2.0 and Dynamic Pro v2.0: Our new solutions!

by Evangeline Balezou, Tailbase

If you want to reach a higher level with your website, you will be amazed by our new improvements on our Dynamic and Dynamic pro solutions!

Dynamic V2.0

Tailbase dynamic v2.0 websolution
New Dynamic Solution
"This totally new web solution is loaded with uncommon features that are leading the pack of affordable yet potent retail web solutions" says Robert Lapointe.

The features provide the visitor with a top of shelf experience not often encountered on web solutions. 

No matter if you are a retailer that is active in the Furniture, Bedding, Major appliance or CE business this solution can handle it all with ease.

Dynamic Pro V2.0

Tailbase dynamic pro v2.0 web solution
New Dynamic Pro Solution
This web solution hits the target by including features and new improved  content that will grow your online presence.

"Dynamic pro V2.0 continues to push the value barrier that
was introduced in earlier Pro versions",  Robert Lapointe.

Find more about our new web solutions, contact us today!

Tailbase: New Dynamic and Dynamic Pro solutions
Tailbase New Solutions

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Email Marketing: why is it important for your business?

by Evangeline Balezou, Tailbase.

Tailbase Digital Marketing Services and Email marketing campaigns

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct way for a company to communicate with potential or current customers. With email marketing you can:

  • Inform your customers about promotions in store or on-line
  • Give updates on your business 
  • Offer special discount coupons or share weekly tips
Powerful as social media, email marketing can move conversations about your company to a more personal environment!

Relevant Content with Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
However, you need to have a strong marketing approach and more specifically an exclusive content. 

Relevant content will keep customers engaged and looking forward to share your email with friends.

Why should you use it?


Email marketing is cost-effective and leads to more sales! It will, indeed, help you grow your business and can influence your new or current customers to purchase your products immediately. 

Email marketing also builds customer loyalty, trust and encourages brand awareness.  

Our Digital Marketing team can help you build a strong email marketing campaign that will have impact on your business. 
Contact us today for more information!