Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Email Marketing: why is it important for your business?

by Evangeline Balezou, Tailbase.

Tailbase Digital Marketing Services and Email marketing campaigns

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct way for a company to communicate with potential or current customers. With email marketing you can:

  • Inform your customers about promotions in store or on-line
  • Give updates on your business 
  • Offer special discount coupons or share weekly tips
Powerful as social media, email marketing can move conversations about your company to a more personal environment!

Relevant Content with Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
However, you need to have a strong marketing approach and more specifically an exclusive content. 

Relevant content will keep customers engaged and looking forward to share your email with friends.

Why should you use it?


Email marketing is cost-effective and leads to more sales! It will, indeed, help you grow your business and can influence your new or current customers to purchase your products immediately. 

Email marketing also builds customer loyalty, trust and encourages brand awareness.  

Our Digital Marketing team can help you build a strong email marketing campaign that will have impact on your business. 
Contact us today for more information!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tip on Social Media: “Follow us” or “Share”; is there a difference?

By Tailbase

Grow your social networks, drive traffic and convert visitors to your website with “Follow us” or/and “Share” buttons! But, what is the difference between the two? 

Follow us        
Tailbase icons on Social Media Follow us
Follow us icons

"Follow us” icons are essentially links that will direct users to visit your social media page or profile. For example, when a visitor clicks on your Facebook icon, he/she will be taken to your Facebook page. 

Once there, he/she chooses to become a fan by liking you and following all of your posts. Likewise for, other social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn...The “Follow us” is a great feature to help you grow your fan base and keep people who like your brand!

Tailbase feature Share buttons
Share Buttons



The "Share” buttons ask users to promote your content and/or links. The users can share or recommend your post to their friends and networks on their personal profile page. 
It stands as ”a call-to-action”- your users tell their friends and followers about your content. 
Your post or page will come out on their social stream and their friends will see it.

Tailbase Push to Social Networks Feature

In a nutshell, both will give you free advertising!
So do not wait to add these features to your web solution....It is time to start displaying all your social network icons on your site!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

See Tailbase at the Las Vegas Furniture Market!

We are attending  Las Vegas Furniture Market with a great program ahead this July:

Tailbase at Las Vegas Furniture Market with Nationwide Marketing Group
On Monday, July 28th, Tailbase will be hosting a cocktail party in the Nationwide Marketing Group showroom (B-0854) at 4:00 PM.  
"Please come by to say hello, and see some of our new enhancements.  Also, you can get a sneak peek of the new iAmerica line available to Nationwide members" said, Sev Ritchie, VP of Sales at Tailbase

On Wednesday, July 30th, we will be presenting “The NEW Local Market” in NAHFA Retailer Resource Center (B-1050) at 9:00 AM.  
This presentation by our VP of Sales, Sev Ritchie, will talk about the changes that are taking place in the retail buying channel.  

Research shows a huge market for BOLPIS…seriously...Buy Online Pick-up In Store. It is time for retailers to realize the paradigm shift continues (and is accelerating) where a consumer combines digital with brick-and-mortar. 

This does not mean the end of brick-and-mortar, it means it is time to do business differently. Local consumers want to purchase online and either pick-up at the store, or have their merchandise delivered. 

Integrating ecommerce is a necessary move to capture this growing segment and maintain a healthy and thriving physical store and who knows what else they will pick up when they show up?

Tailbase commerce shop option
Commerce Shop Feature
"With $21B currently being sold in furniture online, brick and mortar retailers need to get back the market share they are losing to the e-channel by participating in the e-channel”, said Dave Nielsen of Overstock.

Sev Ritchie will present case studies of Tailbase clients who have experienced great success by integrating e-commerce with their brick and mortar presence. 


So don't miss the presentation and find out everything about the trend!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Auto Suggest Feature : Our Special of July!

Our specials are always exceptional! This July, all Dynamic solution clients can get the On Search Site:Auto suggest feature with 40% off

What is this feature about?

This feature makes recommendations when you type in the "on search bar".

Tailbase Auto Suggest Feature on Steve Tucker Appliance website
On Search Site "Auto Suggest"

 Why should you get this option on your site? 

There are many advantages! 

  • It facilitates user's search on the site in suggesting products
  • It optimizes visitors' time spent on the site as they view a wide product portfolio
  • It gives more opportunities to be contacted by customers browsing on the site
 This feature is included in Dynamic Pro, Deluxe Premium and Deluxe Premium pro Solutions.

So don't wait a second and get this exceptional feature! 


Tailbase: July Special on Auto Suggest feature
July Special at Tailbase

Thursday, July 10, 2014

We are attending Nationwide Prime Time in Nashville this August!

By Tailbase

Enhanced solutions, new features,  new applications and unique digital marketing services....Tailbase is elevating to a new level!

Save the date and get ready as we are attending Nationwide Prime Time on August, 10th.

Tailbase at Nationwide Prime Time in Nashville August 2014
Tailbase at Nashville this August