Monday, July 14, 2014

Auto Suggest Feature : Our Special of July!

Our specials are always exceptional! This July, all Dynamic solution clients can get the On Search Site:Auto suggest feature with 40% off

What is this feature about?

This feature makes recommendations when you type in the "on search bar".

Tailbase Auto Suggest Feature on Steve Tucker Appliance website
On Search Site "Auto Suggest"

 Why should you get this option on your site? 

There are many advantages! 

  • It facilitates user's search on the site in suggesting products
  • It optimizes visitors' time spent on the site as they view a wide product portfolio
  • It gives more opportunities to be contacted by customers browsing on the site
 This feature is included in Dynamic Pro, Deluxe Premium and Deluxe Premium pro Solutions.

So don't wait a second and get this exceptional feature! 


Tailbase: July Special on Auto Suggest feature
July Special at Tailbase

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