Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Email Marketing: why is it important for your business?

by Evangeline Balezou, Tailbase.

Tailbase Digital Marketing Services and Email marketing campaigns

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is a direct way for a company to communicate with potential or current customers. With email marketing you can:

  • Inform your customers about promotions in store or on-line
  • Give updates on your business 
  • Offer special discount coupons or share weekly tips
Powerful as social media, email marketing can move conversations about your company to a more personal environment!

Relevant Content with Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
Tailbase Digital Marketing Services
However, you need to have a strong marketing approach and more specifically an exclusive content. 

Relevant content will keep customers engaged and looking forward to share your email with friends.

Why should you use it?


Email marketing is cost-effective and leads to more sales! It will, indeed, help you grow your business and can influence your new or current customers to purchase your products immediately. 

Email marketing also builds customer loyalty, trust and encourages brand awareness.  

Our Digital Marketing team can help you build a strong email marketing campaign that will have impact on your business. 
Contact us today for more information!


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