Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tip on Social Media: “Follow us” or “Share”; is there a difference?

By Tailbase

Grow your social networks, drive traffic and convert visitors to your website with “Follow us” or/and “Share” buttons! But, what is the difference between the two? 

Follow us        
Tailbase icons on Social Media Follow us
Follow us icons

"Follow us” icons are essentially links that will direct users to visit your social media page or profile. For example, when a visitor clicks on your Facebook icon, he/she will be taken to your Facebook page. 

Once there, he/she chooses to become a fan by liking you and following all of your posts. Likewise for, other social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn...The “Follow us” is a great feature to help you grow your fan base and keep people who like your brand!

Tailbase feature Share buttons
Share Buttons



The "Share” buttons ask users to promote your content and/or links. The users can share or recommend your post to their friends and networks on their personal profile page. 
It stands as ”a call-to-action”- your users tell their friends and followers about your content. 
Your post or page will come out on their social stream and their friends will see it.

Tailbase Push to Social Networks Feature

In a nutshell, both will give you free advertising!
So do not wait to add these features to your web solution....It is time to start displaying all your social network icons on your site!

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