Monday, July 7, 2014

Tracktail v2.0 is one of Tailbase features this July

Tracktail Retail Solutions by Tailbase

Tracktail Retailers Solutions by Tailbase

Get Tracktail and display all your promotions!

Ergonomic and easy to use, Tracktail application offers new exceptional features to retailers.
The Price Tag Generator application identifies and prices retailers' merchandise while offering an ultimate watch service on competition. 

Product Mall feature gives a direct access to information on consumer products, brands or models.
Tailbase proposes a variety of templates so that you can have a unique and customized template!

Tracktail “Smart price tags” will improve productivity and gain efficiency on the floor sale. It is also a good way to catch customers' attention with easy-to-read labels showing detailed information on retailer's products and competitor. 

Finally, getting this application can influence customer’s choice at the moment of purchase. 
Retailers can get more opportunities to increase their sales!

Don't wait any longer and get Tracktail application today!

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