Friday, September 26, 2014

Are You Expecting A Great Holiday Season? You Need To Plan It If You Want To Live It!

by Robert Lapointe - CEO at Tailbase

As we approach the last quarter of the year, retailers need to make sure they have mapped out their strategy to get the best possible results and grow their business.

BUILD MOMENTUM! Consumers are more discerning than ever as their disposable income is directed more to what they need over what they would like. Armed with this information, plan your product offerings with that mind. Remember it's all about having the compelling offers that meet the needs of today's consumer.

Your offer needs a save story. Who among us wants to pay full price for anything? Your consumers are no different then you are.

Start with Columbus Day or Canadian Thanksgiving.
These type of banners are good but need to be accompanied with offers that include enough incentives to get that customer into your store or to purchase that product online.

The advantage of specific offers is that they are more measurable than other types of advertising. So with so much business being done in such a short period, planning your offers is extremely important especially in your digital marketing strategy.

 So make sure that your Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday season sales include the offers your customers will be motivated by.
While you are at it, consider a year end sale as well as a new year sale. Remember, keep the momentum! The objective is to get those purchasers into your stores where you have a much better opportunity to increase the ASP and increase your profits, but all that hinges on your business, being the purchase destination.

Think about that ad. Ask yourself what would make you, as a consumer, go to your store to buy? We are confident that if those potential customers are in your store, you can sell to them.

Of course, all these efforts will be limited unless you make use of the most rewarding way of communicating these offers to customers in your market seeking the products you are selling. Yes, I am talking about targeted local ad word campaign(s).

More and more retailers are redirecting their ad dollars towards digital. Some have even abandoned all other medias and concentrate only on digital. Is that the answer for you? Maybe not, but digital is a key to reaching today's consumers who are not listening to local radio or watching cable TV or reading newspapers. They are getting their news from digital devices, watching internet TV and listening to other radio sources in addition to their personal music stored on their devices.

So consumers have not stopped buying, they are just buying differently.

There is a lot more to cover on this very important topic, so just reach out to us and we will share how digital marketing can work for you.

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