Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Think About Shopping Campaigns...

If you are doing online marketing for your business/website you  have probably heard about Google Shopping or Shopping Campaigns.
Shopping campaigns are very effective in a search environment. They are enticing to the consumer and their conversion rate is higher than a regular search ad.

The success of your campaign will, among other things, depend on your offer: An attractive offer will drive customers to your store.

What is the difference between shopping campaigns and search campaigns?

-          The main difference is: you have an image that will feature your product.

What are the requirements to launch a shopping campaign?

-         The main requirement is: You need shopping cart to sell online and a merchant center profile to upload your product information.
-          Your products must be priced: You need to provide a sale price and a regular price.
-          Finally the products you are featuring in your Shopping Campaign need to be on your website catalog.

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