Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is it time to make my website responsive design?

By Tailbase

Google is sending notifications to webmasters/users asking them to make their websites responsive design.

There is buzz of the new mobile ranking algorithm going live soon since Google has been testing it over the past few months.
Providing a friendly experience in mobile devices has become very important and it should be something to consider.

How does this affect your website ?

Google will show a label on the search engine results for websites that are mobile-friendly.
This  means that if you are not, your website won't get ranked as well as one that is responsive design.

You can test your website to see if it is mobile friendly or not .
Ask your web development company to verify this feature for you today!

Your website should keep up with the changes to SEO. This will give you an advantage over your competition and will allow your business to be found by your customers online, before making a purchase decision.

Keep in mind that 73% of customers do online research before going to the store or making a purchase decision.
Allow your customers and your market to find you!


  1. This is really an awesome article. Thank you for sharing this.It is worth reading for everyone. Very informative article. Keep it up. front end developers

  2. Interesting stuff- some serious food for thought here. SEOs are getting to be a real consideration and I guess most of us are a bit in the dark about it- especially when it comes to figuring out how that relates to mobiles. You've given me a lot to think about here.

    Steven @ Cambridge Local Marketing

  3. Mobile-friendly websites are ones of which are easily visible on a hand-held device, such as smartphones and tablets. The screen has to be optimised to suit that of the mobile is it being view on. As well as having better viewing abilities, it loads fasters and is much easier to read because the screens are smaller.

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion

  4. This is a great piece of information! There are so many webmasters and individuals who are unaware that their website does not show accurately on mobile sites. Google has taken the right steps to notify everyone because it will make individuals realize that they may have to check their website with a mobile-friendly software enabling them to see how the website looks on different mobile operating systems.

    Chris Hatcher @ Red Stick SEO