Thursday, January 15, 2015

Start Fresh For The New Year

by Robert Lapointe - CEO at Tailbase

To be a profitable and recommendable business, there are a few things that you should think to avoid this year.

(Avoid) Being an Illegal business

We are merely stating the obvious, but some people are still not clear about whether businesses are legal and which are not. This entails having a searchable street address (brick and mortar location) and a phone number where someone will actually answer when you call. In fact, before making a purchase online try calling them first and you will get a better sense of whom you are going to do business with. I recommend that you avoid doing business with any online e-commerce retailer that has no business address and no phone number.  If all they want is for you to communicate by email, RUN!

(Avoid) Affiliate websites

Affiliate websites are so saturated these days. Google has been punishing affiliate-only websites so hard that they can hardly rank anymore. Squeezing a decent profit out of it in 2015 will not be easy.

(Avoid) Being a business that does not solve problems

The purpose of a business is simple – to solve problems that your customers have.If your business does not solve the problems that your customers have, you might have a hard time promoting the purpose and benefits of your business. Keep in mind, the problems that you solve should be important to the customer, not unimportant.

(Avoid) Being a short-term business

Many young people these days love to seek for the “jackpot business” or short-term business that can yield them a large profit in a short time, but it does not last long. If you are going to venture into an online business, do not expect to see good results in a short time. Successful businesses take time to build up, it was true in the past, it is now and it always will be. Setting an unrealistic expectation about your online business is not going to help.

(Avoid) Being a Facebook only business!

If you are still operating your ‘business’ solely with a Facebook Page, you are probably going to face trouble in 2015. Facebook is consistently changing its rules and algorithms. It is getting harder for small businesses or low cost Facebook Page owners to promote and get their posts appear on the users Newsfeed without using Facebook ads.
You should start to build your own e-commerce store in 2015, and break free from the Facebook leash. Say goodbye to Facebook restrictions and set your own rules!

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