Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tailbase New Web Site Designs

By Tailbase

Tailbase launches new web site designs for Furniture retailers

The highly successful Tailbase Silver & Gold web solutions for furniture retailers launched just 8 months ago will be further enhanced by the availability of 10 new web site designs. All of the new designs have unlimited color choices and have been created to showcase furniture in particular but can also be used by retailers that are active for major appliances or consumer electronics. Having retailers in the same markets and active in the same categories is not a problem with these new designs; retailers can now have even more significant differences in the visual signatures of their web sites. Differences that can reflect and highlight their market place DNA. 

Tailbase will be presenting these new designs at the upcoming 9TH Annual Midwest Furniture Show being held in the Chicago area the 2ndand 3rd of September at the MeridianConference Center 1701Algonquin Road,  RollingMeadows, IL 60008.


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