Friday, March 11, 2016

Tailbase Spring Updates

Who doesn’t like innovations? At Tailbase, we are always keen on novelties and are devoted to upgrade our features to keep up with the trends and our customers’ expectations.  We recently came up with new projects to start spring on a fresh note!

À la Carte is a one of our new features that offers customers the chance to choose home accent accessories, by synching colors with their emotions. It gives them a large selection of home accents that can be linked to their personality and make their browsing experience unique and enjoyable!

Tailbase worked with various manufacturers to come up with product reviews that give customers an unforgettable shopping experience. Statistics show that 61% of customers look for opinions, reviews and advice online before making a purchase decision; Product reviews are indeed a must-have for a website. However, they are also beneficial for SEO content.

SEO Tool- Modifying an SEO text can be done efficiently now thanks to the new SEO tool. Our clients can now manage their meta-descriptions and title description at their ease. The purpose of this tool is to help them get a better organic ranking on Google.
Those are just a few examples of Tailbase’s spring features. Find out more about our solution improvements and new online programs with our webinars or by meeting our sales team at one of the upcoming shows.

March 13-16, 2016 Nationwide Primetime in Orlando
April 16-20, 2016 High Point Furniture show 
April 18-19, 2016 Los Angeles United store show
May 13-18, 2016 Nationwide West show in Hawaii
May 27-30, 2016 Toronto Furniture show