Thursday, April 21, 2016

Understanding the Customer’s Journey to an Online Purchase

Today’s shoppers are smart! More than 50% browse online before making their purchase decision. Internet does play a major role in the customer’s journey, from creating product awareness at the earliest stages, to making the customer take action and buy the product. Even though consumers visit at least 3 online stores before making a purchase, there are different channels that intervene in their decision-making. How does a customer purchase online? What is his/her journey?

Marketing channels influence online purchase decisions 

Paid search, promotional emails, print ads and display ads…there are a bunch of marketing channels that can influence the customer in his/her decision to purchase a product or service online. The customer’s purchase journey is affected by several stages. They include recognizing that there is a need associated to the actual decision to purchase, and other steps which can give advertisers and retailers some cues on how to tailor their marketing strategy.

Why should you understand your customer’s purchase journey?  

Interactions do affect the customer’s final decision and influence him/her to buy the product. Understanding the customer’s journey will help you create a well-planned marketing strategy that will convert more customers and grow your business. Thus, you could also optimize your budgets for your different marketing channels.

In the US, customers need to be more assisted on their purchase decision. Thus, their journey goes through 6 distribution channels before they actually buy:

This data concerns small and medium sized businesses in the Home & Garden industry in the US

In Canada, it is another matter! Only 4 distribution channels influence the customers’ buying behavior.

This data concerns small and medium sized businesses in the Home & Garden industry in Canada


How can you adjust your marketing strategy? 

Get an insight of your customer’s profile
As customer’s buying behavior can be different, it needs to be well understood. Each marketing campaign will have an impact on a customer’s interaction. You should adjust your message in order to help generate awareness for your product or service.
Embrace your customer’s micro-moments
Offer products or services to your customer at THE right time i.e when he/she intends to buy, using the appropriate marketing channels to ensure he will select your products and close his action by making the purchase.

Tailor your marketing strategy efficiently to reach your goals
The Tailbase Digital Marketingteam can assist you in your online strategy, should you decide to take action to improve your marketing today!

Contact us for more information and make sure you convert many customers!


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