Thursday, October 5, 2017

Get Ready for the Holiday Season!

Retailers are you ready for the holiday season? Believe it or not, early shopping for best deals has become a trend! As shoppers start browsing for Christmas gifts by the beginning of November thus retailers’ strategy should be finalized and set beforehand. This year, online holiday sales are projected to increase up to 12% over 2016 and reach $129Billion. These figures definitely encourage retailers to set their marks at the earliest especially if they want to make it during the peak season. How to optimize your sales online and get higher conversions during this peak season?

Here are some tips to consider while planning your digital marketing strategy and running online campaigns:

-Promote your sales with online campaigns to drive people to your site before the holiday comes

-Set your goals and determine your bid strategy on AdWords with a clear understanding of your customers’ habits. AdWords Smart bidding can help you optimize conversions in each or every auction.

-Revisit your audience list strategy and explore new funnel tactics to acquire new customers

-Optimize your creatives! Keep your existing and high performing creatives running during the holiday season, but rotate them in some promotional holiday ads.

-Expand your audience and re-engage your customers

These tips will help you monitor your campaigns online better this coming holiday season; yet, keep in mind that retailers should give their customers a unique shopping experience on their site. How to do it?
-          Make sure your site is current and updated

-          A website loading time and page speed can also put weight on the balance. 44% of shoppers would cancel their online orders mid-way just because of a website delay! Thus, make sure your site cope with customers’ expectations especially on Cyber Monday.

 Ensure your website is mobile friendly as customers shop more on their mobile device than desktop!

Tailbase offers digital marketing solutions that can help you going through the busy holiday Season with less stress. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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