Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Why Should You Get a Shopping Cart on Your Site?

What is the common thread among all of the famous businesses like Amazon, EBay or Alibaba …? Not only they are e-commerce businesses but they have a strong online marketing strategy. Their success started with a desire to give shoppers and merchants a unique buying experience while shopping on the web! Simple and trendy, online shopping proposes exclusive and flash deals at better prices than in-store, especially on Cyber Monday!

Nowadays, shoppers buy products via their mobile- 30% of the US commerce is made of mobile purchases. 81% of shoppers conduct an online search before purchasing.


How to turn their potential customers’ shopping habits into buying ones? How to have customers rush to your site and perform an action?  First, it takes a shopping cart on your site.

Check with your website provider if they offer you this option. Then, you need to determine the payment gateways, the delivery options and radius, the fees and taxes. Most of the time your solution’s provider will be in charge of all the technical support.

Here are a few tips to consider if you decide to add a shopping cart to your site:
-       -   Avoid the “Contacts us for price” and ad prices to your products;
-       -   Make sure you offer special deals and compelling offers to attract customers and drive more sales to your business;

-       -  Update your website and products list regularly. This implies to change your prices & banners when necessary so that your site is current;
-       -   Promote your offers with a strong SEM campaign. 

At Tailbase, we offer a shopping cart that can be included into the web solutions you choose. Plus, we propose digital marketing services. Contact us for more information Today!

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