Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exploring Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a type of paid advertising on Adwords that can benefit your business. They help increase revenue and brand awareness on products and services. 

What's so special about shopping ads? This type of ad features detailed information about specific products that you sell. They often appear within a search query for a product on Google and includes the price, image, detailed description, reviews, product links, shipping information, deals and more. Please keep in mind that shopping ads do not get triggered by keywords. You will need to have an existing shopping cart on your website in order to qualify.

Shopping Ads Benefits

Here are some benefits that shopping ads can bring to your business: 

Increase traffic. This tool helps you upload your store, brand and product data and make it available on Google. Many businesses experience a higher CTR with shopping ads compared to search ads 
Increase sales. You can see a part of your return on investment faster than with search ads. Every online purchase is tracked 
Broader presence. Shopping ads appear along text ads as well, which gives you more opportunities to catch the attention of active shoppers 
More data. You can see how specific products are performing at granular level and make decisions based on them

Where to start?

1-       Google Merchant Center: this tool helps you upload your store, brand and product data and make it available on Google. 
2-       Product data feed: shopping ads do not have any keywords, but rely on the data from your products.  
3-       Google Policy: Google Shopping Policies are different that the one’s from Adwords. Make sure you comply with them before you begin advertising

If you are interested in this type of advertising for your business; Contact Tailbase Digital Marketing Team today at digitalmarketing@tailbase.com

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Black Friday Best Practices For Increasing Online Sales

Flyer Management

 Make sure your current Holiday flyer is added to your website. Why? This is the first image the consumer sees that promotes your products and hopefully sets you apart from the competition. It's a way for people who are visiting your site to quickly learn about your special deals without having to search your entire website for what they're looking for. Remember, it's not easy to shop during the Holidays, and amid the most competitive season, the products you're promoting must be clear and have as many relevant options as possible for the consumer to continue navigating your page.

Banners are important

Our website design features a slideshow on the homepage and we encourage our clients to use it as often as possible. The banner is the first impression a user gets when they visit your website for the first time. Make sure the banners you have on display are relevant to your brand, updated and most importantly linked to the corresponding deals/sale/event. For example, imagine finding yourself in a massive library looking for a specific book, let's say a book about how to play poker. How are you going to find it? Simple, look for the section of the library that your book might be in, and search through the rows of books for a title cover that answers your question. The same thing happens online, you look through different "books" and buy the one that’s appealing to you. If the banner is appealing to a user but when they click on it it doesn’t go anywhere that means the “book” is missing and there’s only the cover. This will probably end in frustration and the user is going to exit the website and look for another store.

Themed Banners

If you’re looking to make that first impression count, why not do it with a professionally designed banner? In the spirit of making great deals for your customers, Tailbase is offering Black Friday themed banners for only $20 each.

We offer a “Product” themed banner which is great for showcasing your appliances and electronics.

Or, we offer a “Lifestyle” theme, which is ideal for displaying your furniture deals in a home setting.

We’ll use the exact same layout as the samples above, except we’ll make the information on the banner match the product you’re highlighting.

Please provide us with the brand, model number, regular price, and sales price for your products of choice and send your request to service@tailbase.com before November 15 to take advantage of this great offer.

E-mail Marketing

Users subscribing to your newsletter are very valuable and you should give them the attention they deserve. Offer them flash deals, reminders with upcoming events, online coupons and they will surely repay you by staying loyal to your brand. We recommend sending out an e-mail blast once or twice a week. Finding the right balance is important because you do not want to overwhelm your consumer to the point that they un-subscribe.

Featured Products

If your website is equipped with featured product(s), make sure to use this prime real estate area on your home page to advertise your very best deals. Don’t forget to put a regular price and a sales price on each item so visitors can clearly see how much they will save in % or $. Online shoppers may not find the initial product they were looking for, but the great deals on your homepage may encourage visitors to continue browsing your website to see what other great deals you have.


Coupons are a huge part of successful advertising, and most consumers do not even bother to purchase a product/service online or visit a store if there is no incentive available. Purchases tend to go through the roof during the Holiday season and consumers deplete their budget very quickly. Offering a coupon is the best strategy to gain new clients and to distract them from the competitors.

Online Advertising

Take advantage of platforms like Adwords and Facebook for paid per click ads. Make sure to promote all of your Holiday sales, products, and events to reach as many users as you can within your budget. Online advertising can even help you get better SEO results and rank higher on Google. The Holiday season is one of the most important ones of the year to improve your annual sales record. If you already have your hands full and you need some help we are always here to help.
Contact us today at digitalmarketing@tailbase.com