Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Exploring Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a type of paid advertising on Adwords that can benefit your business. They help increase revenue and brand awareness on products and services. 

What's so special about shopping ads? This type of ad features detailed information about specific products that you sell. They often appear within a search query for a product on Google and includes the price, image, detailed description, reviews, product links, shipping information, deals and more. Please keep in mind that shopping ads do not get triggered by keywords. You will need to have an existing shopping cart on your website in order to qualify.

Shopping Ads Benefits

Here are some benefits that shopping ads can bring to your business: 

Increase traffic. This tool helps you upload your store, brand and product data and make it available on Google. Many businesses experience a higher CTR with shopping ads compared to search ads 
Increase sales. You can see a part of your return on investment faster than with search ads. Every online purchase is tracked 
Broader presence. Shopping ads appear along text ads as well, which gives you more opportunities to catch the attention of active shoppers 
More data. You can see how specific products are performing at granular level and make decisions based on them

Where to start?

1-       Google Merchant Center: this tool helps you upload your store, brand and product data and make it available on Google. 
2-       Product data feed: shopping ads do not have any keywords, but rely on the data from your products.  
3-       Google Policy: Google Shopping Policies are different that the one’s from Adwords. Make sure you comply with them before you begin advertising

If you are interested in this type of advertising for your business; Contact Tailbase Digital Marketing Team today at digitalmarketing@tailbase.com

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