Thursday, February 22, 2018

The New Adwords Experience - Top 5 Updates

Google declared 2018 the year of change after 8 years with the "why change a good thing," mentality, the monumental redesign of the AdWords UI shocked the AdWords community and left us with nothing but questions on how to do what we become so accustomed to.

You can stop clicking "Return to previous AdWords" because Tailbase is here to help you navigate and take advantage of new key features withing the update and where to find the classic actions withing their modern interface.

Google promotes its new inferface as a, "fast, modern and visual interface," and after exploring every nook and corner, it's clear that their common goal in the redesign was creating an all in one layout in hopes of being more time effective and easier to use for marketers.

Still scared to used the new AdWords UI? We understand and that's why we have put together some of the new features and changes that can help you make this transition easier.

1. The Overview Page 

Know how well your campaigns are performing and how to best optimize them with key metrics and insights found on the "Overview" page. These "cards" are editable to your industry's priorities and you can organize them in a way that best suits your campaigns benefits.

Quit hoping for the data to speak for you, and let it come alive with dynamic insights from your must-shown search ads, search terms, biggest changes from past to current campaigns, among others. All this data, without ever having to go past the overview page.

2. Column Resizing

You can now personalize your layout while optimizing your campaigns by resizing the table columns depending on your needs.

3. Promotion Extensions 

The new AdWords UI comes with a brand new extensions. The promotion extensions give you the option to highlight your current sales promotions that you think are popular or online users might be actively looking for.

When creating a promotion extension you can choose between some of the popular occasions of the year such as Boxing Day, Black Friday, Valentine's Day and more. Once you have that selected you will need to choose the type of monetary or percentage discount, starting/ending date of the promotion and any additional information. One of our favorite feature is that you can review the extension alongside your text ad in real time.

4. Shopping Showcase Ads 

This isn't your regular shopping ad. Instead of sending online users to a landing page when they click on an ad, showcase ads get expanded to showcase an array of relevant products in a catalog type style.

This ad varietal targets customers at the beginning of their product research, stemming most likely from broad search terms like, "black shoes" or "living room furniture," for example.

The first click is free, any interaction with a product within the expanded ad afterwards will be charged per click.

5. Call Bid Adjustments 

You now have the ability to view all levels of your bid adjustments in one view under the "Devices"tab on the left side of the page.

Go one step further, and increase the number of calls to your business by using advanced bid adjustments to show the call button alongside your ads more frequently.

We hope you will find these AdWords updates useful when you switch to the new experience. If you are a furniture or appliance retailer don't forget to contact us to sign up for our digital marketing services.