Monday, March 26, 2018

Facebook Business Page Tips

So, you’ve created a Facebook page for your business. Unfortunately, your work doesn’t stop there in order to keep up with the times and stay relevant in an industry of immense competition. In a mobile-first world, a business is equally important online as it is in store, so the social media specialists at Tailbase came up with a few tips to help you out on your journey.

The key is to post content regularly. Don’t limit your posts to wordy sales pitches and shared articles irrelevant to your business, diversify your content showcasing new products, announcing a sales event, or sharing a new milestone for your business, for example.

Go beyond the text and include images and video content to add visual appeal to your content as well. Make it so people know what your business represents, and want to engage with your business be it by liking your posts, sharing it with their friends, messaging you to find out more details, or visiting your store (if applicable). Which will not be the case if your last post was from Halloween 2016.

Which leads us to the three things you should be incorporating in your Facebook business page: Offers, Shop section, and video content.


Creating a Facebook offer is a great way to entice customers to visit your business and give them a reason to complete a purchase along the way. Although there’s no minimum rebate required, make sure to give the customer a considerable offer, because no one is going to run to shop at your store for 5% off.

Whether it’s a monetary amount of a featured product or a gift with purchase, not all businesses have a shopping cart on their website. A great example to gain in-store traffic can be by promoting a product like barbecues for a summer sale, and actually having members of your team using the barbecue you’re promoting to grill hot dogs and hamburgers for the customers.

A great thing about offers is that the promo code can be copied and pasted into the virtual checkout, or can be saved to your phone and brought in store. Just make sure to outline the terms and conditions of your offer to avoid any misunderstandings and add a product photo or lifestyle shot to bring your text to life.

Steps to create an offer on your Facebook Page:

1.            Click on “Settings”

2.            Click on “Edit Page” then “Add a Tab”

3.            Next to “Offers” click “Add Tab”

4.            Start by creating a captivating headline, choose the date and time the offer expires on, upload an image(s), specify whether this offer can be redeemed online, in-store or both, add your website link (if the offer is available online), create the promo code (if applicable), specify the terms and conditions (if applicable), and click publish when you’re ready or schedule it to the date and time you prefer.

5.            Here’s an example of a completed offer

The Shop Section

We’ve seen it with Google shopping ads and now Facebook is jumping onboard as well by adding a shop section tab option to the business page to better showcase your products. This is a great opportunity for e-commerce companies to see the products you’re selling on a channel other than your website in hopes of creating more opportunities for sales and attracting new customers as well.

This is not an automated service, so it’s up to you to upload your products and information you want to share on your shop and home page. You can make the shop page more user-friendly by separating your products into different collections as well. When you add products to the shop tab, you can create more exposure with the opportunity to have them show up in relevant searches on Facebook’s Marketplace as well.

Facebook Shop gives you the platform for excellent customer service by communicating with your clients directly through comments and messenger, it allows you to gain real-time insights on your products and how customers are reacting to them and your business through likes, comments, reviews and purchases, and of course the ability to sell more products.

In order to add a shop section to your Facebook business page:

1.            Click on “Settings”

2.            Click on “Edit Page” then “Add a Tab”

3.            Next to “Shop” click “Add Tab”

4.            Now on your main page, go to the sidebar on the left and click on “Shop” to finalize your shop section. Firstly, check the box to agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies.

5.            Decide if you want you customers to message you to buy (like a quote request) to arrange the purchase or if you want to send your customers to another website to complete their purchase

6.            Finally, choose what currency to be used

7.            Time to add your first product. Click the “Shop” tab then click “Add Products.” Ensure you add pictures and videos that appeal to your product, add the price or sales price if applicable (by clicking the icon next to “This product is on sale”), add a description about the item, and click to enable the option to share the product on your page to let your customers know about your fantastic new offer.

Note: Your shopping section will only be visible to your customers after adding your first product.

In a generation of content overload, it only gets harder to stand out amongst the competition. By diversifying your content and adding visual components like enticing videos promoting your business and products, you are giving yourself a better chance to stand out. No, we don’t mean a 10 minute video montage from a low-quality camera in selfie mode about how great you are.

With small attention spans and big expectations, creating a video takes time and work to put together the art that captures an audience. Whether it’s a teaser trailer for a new product, a demo video on how to use a new or popular product and seeing it in action, or showing off that BBQ sales event or going live with it, video is a necessary addition to your business’s multiple online channels (website, Facebook, Youtube, etc.).

People want to feel comfortable in their purchase journey, and video allows you to show your customers what and who’s behind the business.

It’s not easy adapting to the new online world, and that’s why Tailbase is here to get you there. Contact the Digital Marketing Team today.