Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Tips For Maximizing Conversions

It’s one thing to create a PPC campaign, but are you utilizing the data gathered from each click to
increase traffic, revenue, and customer acquisitions effectively? Are you providing a user-friendly
experience with each click? And are you optimizing your campaigns to get the best results within
your budget?

Enter, the importance of conversions, conversion tracking, the quality of your landing pages, and
enhanced CPC, to help you achieve just that.


Thanks to conversions, every interaction a consumer makes through your website, a phone call, or an
app can be set up and tracked to gather the data from the user. The information can be collected from
your website, app, phone calls, and previous data imported into the AdWords system.

Each business has its own needs and data it deems as valuable, but some of the most common
conversions tracked are: when a consumer makes a purchase online, fills out a quote request, signs
up for a newsletter, makes a phone call by clicking the call extension on your ad, downloaded an app
from you ad, etc.

Conversion tracking

Know where your money is going and get the most of your advertising with the help of conversion

In order to gather data from these interactions, some websites need a tag or snippet of code to be
added to your website so that whenever someone interacts with your ad, a cookie is placed on their
computer, so if and when they trigger the action you’re tracking, Google recognizes it and marks it as
a conversion in your system. Others need a phone number to track when a phone call was made from
your ad, and gathers useful data like the date, area code, call duration, and more.

This data is necessary for your business and its development, from discovering which products are
the most/least popular (maybe considering focusing the next campaign based on pushing what’s
selling or not selling), finding qualified leads for your sales team to pursue, following up with a past
phone call, or sending out promotions and information about your business to email addresses
collected from ads and sign up forms, conversion tracking gives you extra insight and information that
can lead to increases in traffic and revenue.

Landing Pages

Think of your consumer, make their interaction with your ad worthwhile. That one click is your one chance,
so ensure to send them to a user friendly landing page showcasing the selected items or sales being
promoted in your ad. In such a competitive market, no one is going to waste their time searching
through the depths of your website for the products or sales advertised.

Create a landing page that’s a one stop shop. Ensure the images are clear and linked to the actual
products within your website, only the necessary information and content is displayed that relates to your
ad that got them there, and do not add any item, video, text, etc. that does not apply to what you're

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Enhanced CPC

Maximize your conversions with the help of enhanced CPC, a smart bidding strategy available in
AdWords that goes the distance for you, adjusting your bids for the most favorable results. The
algorithm within this bidding strategy raises bids that will most likely lead to sales and conversions,
while lowering bids where the possibility of conversions are less likely.

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