Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Implementing Best Practices For Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook initially began as a network to connect college students in 2004, and later became the most prominent social media channel used worldwide. From connecting with family and friends, Facebook evolved into an interface for businesses and their audiences. This major transformation is what made them the leading online interaction platform.

Why do you need Facebook for your business?
  • ·         There are 2 billion active Facebook users monthly – that’s more than any other social platform!
  • ·         It allows for communicating with existing and potential customers.
  • ·         It’s a low-budget marketing strategy.
  • ·         Raise brand awareness – share information about your business.
  • ·         It uses targeted advertising to a specific group
  • ·     Steer traffic to your website. 

Facebook Business Page Best Practices:

Create a profile that captivates your audience. What does this entail? Your profile picture is your audience’s first point of contact. Bottom line – your profile picture should be easy to recognize and be found. Keep your image clutter-free for coherence and consistency with your brand. That means no clutter! Also, your cover photo should be another element that speaks for your brand. It should be of high quality and without clutter. Remember, first impressions count.

Fill your About Page with relevant information. This section will be the most visited by your audience to gain insight about your brand. Be sure to record your milestones, awards or product launch dates.

Also, it goes without saying that customizing your call to action button is a must. This feature has expanded since its introduction in 2014. Simply click the “Add a Button” box, choose the desired button and insert a URL to direct your visitors.

Engaging Content:

Perhaps one of the most important best practices is to create engaging content that sways your audience to take action. Don’t limit yourself. Be bold and put pep into your content with videos and pictures. Visually engaging content is highly appealing. The proof is in the pudding! Over 8 billion videos are viewed daily. In fact, many business owners use videos to drive brand awareness.

Posting strategy & frequency:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. That being said, a strategy is necessary if you want your Facebook business page to be successful. Keep in mind that every page is unique and requires different planning to reach your target audience. You can also schedule posts with helpful tools such as Hootsuite & Buffer, so that you can leave time to engage with your audience. Find a balance in the frequency of your posts. Avoid posting too often or too little so you maintain credibility. Remember, Facebook insights will be a great help to observe the performance of your strategy. You can always tweak it if need be! 


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